Trait 8 Week 3: October 9th, 2019

Trait Eight, Week Three: October 9th, 2019

The Flip Side of The Laundry List Trait 8: We avoid emotional intoxication and choose workable relationships instead of constant upset.

Reading assignment for Trait Eight:

Laundry Lists Workbook: Pages 76 and 77.

Suggested supplemental reading: The Relationship Worksheet in the Step Four section of the yellow workbook, and Chapter 14 of the red book.

This week’s study questions are found on pages 81 and 82 of the Laundry Lists Workbook under the heading “Trait 8 Reflections: The Flip Side of The Laundry List”:

1. Name an experience or type of situation that used to attract you that you choose not to involve yourself in anymore because of the emotional intoxication.

2. Name a type of situation that is still very attractive to you and is usually difficult for you *not* to involve yourself in.

3. Describe in detail your definition of a workable relationship.

4. Describe in detail a relationship you have had that had constant upset.

5. Since coming to ACA, are you better able to notice that a relationship might not work for you sooner? If so, describe why this is true.

6. Did the Relationship Worksheet in Step Four of the ACA Twelve Steps Workbook (the yellow workbook) help you in this area? If so, how?

7. Did Chapter 14 of the Fellowship Text (the big red book) on Relationships help you in this area? If so, how?

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