Trait 9 Week 2: October 30th, 2019

Trait Nine, Week Two: October 30th, 2019

The Other Laundry List Trait 9: We hate people who play the victim and beg to be rescued.

Reading assignment for Trait Nine:

Laundry Lists Workbook: Pages 86 through 88.

This week’s study questions are found on pages 90 through 92 of the Laundry Lists Workbook under the heading “Trait 9 Reflections: The Other Laundry List”:

1. Who has annoyed your for getting rescued over and over again? Who has annoyed you for rescuing someone over and over again?

2. What is the reaction you have inside your body when you see this type of rescuing situation in progress? What are the thoughts in your mind?

3. When you were a child, did you observe someone playing the victim? Did you observe someone playing the rescuer? Did you wish someone would rescue you? Were you able to appear weak as a child?

4. Did you have to pretend to be strong as a child? Did you feel older than other children your age? Did you look down on them for acting their age? Did you resent them for their normal life and being able to be a normal child?

5. When watching the news or reading a book or going about your life and you see someone who has success and/or is helped by another, or is number one in their field, or wins the big prize, do you feel contempt and resentment?

6. Is there a part of you that feels as though life will never be fair to you, and that the rest of the world has it easy in comparison to your life – that you have endured so much struggle?

7. Have you ever experienced a situation in your life when someone asked for help and everyone volunteers to help them, and you feel anger inside for no apparent reason?

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