Alcoholism Information

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Alcoholism 101
What exactly is alcoholism? Is it inherited? Answers to frequently asked questions.

About Substance Abuse
Illegal drugs are not the only substances that are being abused today.

Do I Have A Problem?
The answer may be simple. If you have to ask, chances are you do.

How to Quit
Resources, information, and support for those ready to stop drinking or using drugs.

Effects of Alcohol
How does alcohol effect your mind and body? What are the health effects?

Support for Families
If you have been affected by someone else's drinking, these articles may help.

12 Step Recovery
Resources for those already in recovery who want to learn more about the 12 steps.

Adult Children
Many adults who grew up in alcoholic families never did really grow up.

Medical Treatment
There is no cure for alcohol addition, but there is some medications that help.

Treatment Centers
What is it like to go to a professional alcohol and drug treatment program?

Women and Alcohol
Due to their biological makeup, women are affected differently than men by alcohol and drugs.

Workplace Issues
Drinking and drug abuse among employees cost society billions of dollars in each year.

Drunk Driving
The consequences of impaired driving are more serious than they used to be.

Commonly Abused Drugs
An estimated 27.1 million Americans report that they currently use illicit drugs.

News / Political Issues
Scientific research, legislative issues, funding opportunities, policy changes and more.

Alcoholism / Substance Abuse Headlines: