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Logging On to the Chat Rooms

How to Log On:

Before you can log on to your chat rooms, you will need to register a Username to receive a password, which will work with all of our chat rooms. For security reasons, this is a two-step process via email.

After you receive your Username and Password, go to the home page to choose which chat room that you wish to enter. If you are logging on with a mobile device, please click the link to the alternate mobile log-on page.

This Is a Screenshot. This Is NOT a Working Form

Click on the name (link) of the chat room. After the page loads you will see a box where you can type your registered Username:

This Is a Screenshot. This Is NOT a Working Form

Under the Connect button there are three options for logging on. The default Java option is the best if you have Java installed on your computer and you have it enabled in your browser.

If you don't have Java or if you get an error message saying Java is not enabled in your browser, choose the Flash option instead. If you are using a mobile device to log on, choose the "I am on a mobile device" option (although it would be easier for you to log on from this page instead.

Click on Connect and you will see this box:

This Is a Screenshot. This Is NOT a Working Form

Type in your password then click OK. Remember, your password is case sensitive and must be typed exactly as it was registered. For example, if your password is "rosebud" it must be typed in all lowercase. Rosebud or ROSEBUD will not work.

Sometimes your computer-generated password contains a One that looks like an L or a Zero that looks like an O or some other characters that appear differently in sanserif type. If the password box pops up again after you type your password, try copy-pasting your password into the field instead.

Once your password works, then you can change it to something easier to remember on this page.

Once you are logged on to the chat room, you can participate in the chat or the meeting by typing in the "Type Here" field.

Below the icons at the bottom the chat room screen is the field where you type text that will appear in the chat room. Type your message into the field and send it to the room by hitting the Enter key on your keyboard or the Send button to the right.

At the top of the chat room is a menu bar where you will find the controls for the chat room. If you want to change the size of the text in the chat room, click on the Options menu item, then click on Font Size, for example.

The table below explains the function of the icons that appear above the Type Here box.

Bold Button   If you wish to BOLD your messages in the main chat window.
Italic Button   If you wish to Italicize your messages in the main chat window.
Color Button   If you wish to change the color of your messages in the main chat window.
Smile Button   Allows you to post smiley faces to the chat screen.
Status Button   Gives you the option to display a status message next to your user name in the User List.
Float Button   If you wish to resize your chat room, click on the "Float" button. This option opens the chat room in a separate window. This separate window can be resized and moved about on your screen. Close the window or click Unfloat to return the window to the original Web page. The default size of the floating window is 75% of your screen. Drag a corner or edge to resize it.
Help Button   If you have any questions on how to operate your ParaChat room, click on the "Help" button and you will be directed the the ParaChat help pages. You can also type %help to see help commands in the main chat room.
Log Off button    If you wish to leave a chat room, click on the 'Log off' button and you will exit the room

If you have a problem during any phase of this process, please click on the "Contact Support" tab at the top left of this page. But, please don't send us a message saying only, "I can't log on!" That doesn't give us enough information to help you.

Please include any error messages you receive when trying to log on and/or describe in detail exactly what happens when you try to log on.

You may also find a solution to your problem on your Frequently Asked Questions page.